Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2nd Company I tried...

TRG. Hanston Bld. Emerald Ave.

As usual One day hiring process ang companyng ito.
I came at 3:00pm and went home 11:00pm.
Not to mention, J.O. was 8:00am the following day. *wtf.

Initial interview - panel interview. 10 person every panel batch. May dalawang inglisan ng inglisan. Sige na kayo na ex-call center agent. haist.

Technical exam - 1 1/2 hour.

        Listening skills (Audio and multiple choice type)
        Typing skills na kamalas-malasang sira ang spacebar ng keyboard na napwestuhan ko. Tsk tsk.
        (luckily I still passed the "required" 38-45 wpm *wink)

Behavioral Interview - One on One with Attitchuderang Interviewer.

         Interviewer:     Is that really the way you talk?
         Me:                Yes.. ( Ano sa tingin mo? joke to??! ) Why?
         Interviewer:    Are you really that soft-spoken?
         Me:                ( Gusto ko sagutin na, it's not how fast or how slow a person talks, it's how clearly you understand every consonant and vowel that will come out of his mouth. Ako nga paragraph and kinocompose ko sa utak ko, and deliver it. Eh siya, malamang, she's been asking the same recruitment questions over and over kaya siguro feeling niya that makes her speak English fluently. Tse!!! tigilan nga niya ako. Hehehe.

Final Interview - Passed
J.O.                   - Signed
Salary               -  Unfortunately, they can only give me the same basic pay I had with Ttech. Not bad because TRG have yearly appraisal,  that my previous employer CAN'T AND WON'T ever OFFER.Dahil sa kakuriputan nila.

Aight. So... bummy days over. Paulit-ulit na Meet and Greet , here I come!
I pray that I will meet a lot of honest and can be trusted friends. Adjust. Adjust. to a new environment.

May new love life kaya? Charot!