Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to go to Dubai Abra - Creek

Hi guys i am using a mobile, so I'll make this quick.

My trip is from Burjuman
From metro you need to get off Al Ghubaiba station
Then take exit 1 go to left and follow the waiting shed that is going to the boats Abra!!!

1aed for boat rides,
You can stop to view herbs market,

And gold Souk!

Also  there's some cafeteria to buy low prices chai and indian food.

So enjoy and don't get lost okay!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Discovering Frostings Cupcake store

I finally got into sweets, and my new favorite is CUPCAKE/s!

So i went to Trinoma to find this heaven in a cupcake thing.
Frostings Cupcake store at 3rd level of Trinoma

cuplets package 140 pesos

pistacchio frosting

cupcake selections

take out packaging

Regular cupcakes: 50
premiumcupcakes: 65
regular cuplets: 10
premium cuplets 14

the toppings of cupcakes overpower the cupcake buns
i think that it should be complimenting each other
but for the price i think its okay.

Hope it helps!

Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY 1st Superman birthday party for my son

My DIY moment for my son's 1st birthday

Theme: Superman
Venue: Flores Residence
Date: Sept 6, 2014 (birthday was on July 5, 2014)

the souvenir, p10 rubiks cube, 6 pesos print out of invitation photo, 6 pcs cut outs per 3r size photo paper

black cartolina, 6pesos, art paper yellow- .50cents each

pabitin items, 10 -15 pesos each

banderitas name cut outs, 10 pesos superman theme giftwraper,red art paper .50 cents each

paperbag brown, 38 pesos, 80 pcs plus superman cut outs from the gift wraper

cupcake toppers, toothpick, artpaper, superman cut outs from giftwrapper

coffee cups turned to superman paper cups coffee paper at 35pesos for 40 pcs

the invitation, pls google comic invites and it will have a generator of this invite, if you want to try

google any letter superman logo and i copied and cut out this

the wham signs used at the dining table

candies and sweets for the loot bags from Divisoria

super heroes loot bags for boys, and Frozen for girls

my re used 3 tier layer tray from his baptism , i redesigned with candy theme art papers and superman logos

i bought taiwanese balloons but wasnt able to use it since i decided to hire professional balloonist for the party

re used pabitin from my neighbor

the candy buffet station and lootbags

my cupcakes, lemon square and whattatops choco cupcakes i topped with my DIY cupcake toppers

candy treats from Divisoria, and the plastic containers 10 pcs for 60 pesos

lollipop station from Divisoria candy store

i also hired party funny clowns to host the games and pang aliw sa mga bata and hosting since kung kami lang eh parang hindi nakakatawa and we were so busy din kaya syempre di na kinaya ng powers ko.

the venue

plus the food styro packs for children - 40 -60 pieces. menu, chicken, spaghetti, lumpia and hotdog on sticks with marshmallows

all in all, you guess how much i spent? hehehe

I was expecting it to be more expensive but it ended up we saved a lot since a lot of DIY happened.
Personal touches and also no one recognized it was DIY, since they all thought I bought everything ready. Hahaha

Oh i forgot to show you the cake from Goldilocks SM Valenzuela
Superman Showdown in Metropolis theme

900 for the design
800 for the 12x 16 chocolate cake = 1600 pesos

Here it is:

Hope it helps!

How to Avail of Pag-Ibig Salary Loan/Short Term Loan for Employed Only

This is for employed only.

Based on my own experience.
Ill cut it straight and short. No Photos since it was on diff PC. LOL

1. complete out the salary loan form from Pag ibig office (mine is at Kapitolyo Pasig) or at your HR office

2. go the Pag Ibig branch of YOUR company. or else mahirapan ka bumalik balik. so bago ka pumunta ask mo muna HR niyo, where is your Pag Ibig branch dahil hindi pwede kung saan mo lang trip.

3. kapag nasa Pag ibig office kana, go to 2nd floor. get the white number from the guard for salary loan applicant. open ang office nila 8-5pm.

4. wait for the digital number sa tv. then pag natawag na number mo, chicka meter na kau ng loan verifier. kung complete requirements mo and so on.

photocopy and original

completed form
company/employee id
2 month recent payslip
2 VALID IDS - philhealth, sss, comelec

5. make sure you also have the MID number , pero pag wala ka pa nito, irerefer ka nila sa 4th floor to generate, but it will take time dami ififill out sa pc kiosk so try to go to google how and what is your MID number.

MID is usually the number at the top right hand side ng when you register online fro Pag Ibig website.

6. Once complete na requuirements mo, papahingin ka ng PINK na ticket sa guard ulit at waiting in vain ulit ang peg mo bago matawag number mo PUP pila uli pila lol, this time for salary loan approver.

7. Ito na yung part kung naka MERGE ang old company sa new company mo.

merged - proceed to step 8
not merged - you will wait for 2 weeks for the merging process before ma approve ang loan mo

8. sabihin na nating merged kana, bibigyan ka ng Landbank cash card. taray di ba?
sasabihin sayo in 2weeks time pwede ka na mag check ng balance.
Pero wag kana magpakahirap dahil ung mobile number na nilagay mo sa form, itetext nila once nadeposit na ang loan mo! amazing right? LOL

so wag ka mag effort mag check ng atm kasi nga itetext ka nila pag nasa atm na. push mo yan.

-once mag wwithdraw kana sa any Bancnet atm.. choose current sa atm machine - wag savings kasi pag savings pinindot mo, insufficient balance lalabas or no funds.

average time for application process

1-3 hours
difficulty - merging process
incomplete requirements - sayang ang ipinila mo, buti na sobra kesa kulang
amount ng iloloan mo- icheck mo ung full amount ng na contribute mo, may check boxes sa form

9. last is as requesting for statement of salary loan balance from Pag ibig, ito yung ipapasa mo nama sa HR para mai-deduct nila ang salary loan mo from your monthly pay.

SO there you have the pointers, goodluck sa pag pila, pag hihintay at pag papa merge. hehehe

in my 6 yrs employment, I got P21,000 for 1st Pag ibig salary loan. Not bad. Oh well, i didnt expect too much kaya nasatisfy naman ako, kaso di pa ko nadededuct kasi di ko pa naipasa sa HR yung statement of loan balance kaya dapat ayusin ko na yun.

Hope this Helps!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ice Cream Sandwich experience

Try this super sumptuous and finger licking desert!
Available at any SM supermarkets according to my friend.
Super tasty and yummy!
For only P49.oo :)
Much cheaper @39 if bought from Binondo, Manila.

The look is so funny, an ice cream inside a FISH? hahaha!
on the left top is the inside filling, ice cream and soft jelly jam!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Typhoon Habagat Haikui hits Metro Manila August 2012

August 7, 2012
3:45 AM to 12:00 PM and still raining cats and dogs at the moment.
Please pray for everyone and our countrymen. God bless us all.

Here --->  <<<< are some photos at our residence and neighboorhood.

This is the first time in my entire life it flooded like this level in our premise.

Stay safe and pray.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nature Shots

Trying Nature as my subject.
Here are some of my faves.

Lucban, Quezon. Philippines.


Wishing Well

Noah's Ark Replica

Nature's Spring

"If you don't like where you are right now.
Change it.

You are not a tree." ~ Anonymous


Cooking time. *and trying hard food photography not to mention the amateur plating.

Classic birthday spaghetti in pure tomato chunks

Hotdog with asparagus in butter

 my tuna lettuce tomato and cheessssy spread

my adobo saute in potato and garlic overload

only in the Philippines Bagoong


How about you? 
What's your specialty?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2nd Company I tried...

TRG. Hanston Bld. Emerald Ave.

As usual One day hiring process ang companyng ito.
I came at 3:00pm and went home 11:00pm.
Not to mention, J.O. was 8:00am the following day. *wtf.

Initial interview - panel interview. 10 person every panel batch. May dalawang inglisan ng inglisan. Sige na kayo na ex-call center agent. haist.

Technical exam - 1 1/2 hour.

        Listening skills (Audio and multiple choice type)
        Typing skills na kamalas-malasang sira ang spacebar ng keyboard na napwestuhan ko. Tsk tsk.
        (luckily I still passed the "required" 38-45 wpm *wink)

Behavioral Interview - One on One with Attitchuderang Interviewer.

         Interviewer:     Is that really the way you talk?
         Me:                Yes.. ( Ano sa tingin mo? joke to??! ) Why?
         Interviewer:    Are you really that soft-spoken?
         Me:                ( Gusto ko sagutin na, it's not how fast or how slow a person talks, it's how clearly you understand every consonant and vowel that will come out of his mouth. Ako nga paragraph and kinocompose ko sa utak ko, and deliver it. Eh siya, malamang, she's been asking the same recruitment questions over and over kaya siguro feeling niya that makes her speak English fluently. Tse!!! tigilan nga niya ako. Hehehe.

Final Interview - Passed
J.O.                   - Signed
Salary               -  Unfortunately, they can only give me the same basic pay I had with Ttech. Not bad because TRG have yearly appraisal,  that my previous employer CAN'T AND WON'T ever OFFER.Dahil sa kakuriputan nila.

Aight. So... bummy days over. Paulit-ulit na Meet and Greet , here I come!
I pray that I will meet a lot of honest and can be trusted friends. Adjust. Adjust. to a new environment.

May new love life kaya? Charot!