Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY 1st Superman birthday party for my son

My DIY moment for my son's 1st birthday

Theme: Superman
Venue: Flores Residence
Date: Sept 6, 2014 (birthday was on July 5, 2014)

the souvenir, p10 rubiks cube, 6 pesos print out of invitation photo, 6 pcs cut outs per 3r size photo paper

black cartolina, 6pesos, art paper yellow- .50cents each

pabitin items, 10 -15 pesos each

banderitas name cut outs, 10 pesos superman theme giftwraper,red art paper .50 cents each

paperbag brown, 38 pesos, 80 pcs plus superman cut outs from the gift wraper

cupcake toppers, toothpick, artpaper, superman cut outs from giftwrapper

coffee cups turned to superman paper cups coffee paper at 35pesos for 40 pcs

the invitation, pls google comic invites and it will have a generator of this invite, if you want to try

google any letter superman logo and i copied and cut out this

the wham signs used at the dining table

candies and sweets for the loot bags from Divisoria

super heroes loot bags for boys, and Frozen for girls

my re used 3 tier layer tray from his baptism , i redesigned with candy theme art papers and superman logos

i bought taiwanese balloons but wasnt able to use it since i decided to hire professional balloonist for the party

re used pabitin from my neighbor

the candy buffet station and lootbags

my cupcakes, lemon square and whattatops choco cupcakes i topped with my DIY cupcake toppers

candy treats from Divisoria, and the plastic containers 10 pcs for 60 pesos

lollipop station from Divisoria candy store

i also hired party funny clowns to host the games and pang aliw sa mga bata and hosting since kung kami lang eh parang hindi nakakatawa and we were so busy din kaya syempre di na kinaya ng powers ko.

the venue

plus the food styro packs for children - 40 -60 pieces. menu, chicken, spaghetti, lumpia and hotdog on sticks with marshmallows

all in all, you guess how much i spent? hehehe

I was expecting it to be more expensive but it ended up we saved a lot since a lot of DIY happened.
Personal touches and also no one recognized it was DIY, since they all thought I bought everything ready. Hahaha

Oh i forgot to show you the cake from Goldilocks SM Valenzuela
Superman Showdown in Metropolis theme

900 for the design
800 for the 12x 16 chocolate cake = 1600 pesos

Here it is:

Hope it helps!

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